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When you sign up for MyNewsroom.ca content marketing services this is what you get:

Seven hours per week, 52 weeks per year, our writer is embedded in your organization becoming part of your team. This includes all administration and client support – no hidden extras! These seasoned professionals will get to know your organization so they can identify and take your story to the world in any format.

The minimum you get each month is one of the following packages. You select! Next month, if you’d like, choose a different package. Each month our services can be tailored to meet your needs.

Package 1

4 articles (up to 500 words each, max. 4 interviews with approvals and one edit per story)

Package 2

2 articles (max 300 words) with supporting graphic design (could be layout for newsletter / infographics) does not include cost of stock imagery.

Package 3

Originally produced content (from Package 1 or 2, for example) resulting in social media posts (3 per week) – mixture of written content (each post up to 240 characters) with supporting imagery (stock imagery charged extra).

Also Ask About:

Adding podcasts, short videos and more print content per month – we will tailor our hours to meet your needs and budget. If you need extra hours we have additional packages to choose from.

Telling Your Stories

Content that cuts through the noise

Whether you sell products, services, memberships or you’re a non-profit it’s all about developing relationships and creating connections with people: Stories do that.

Everyone and every organization have a story to tell – the untold ones that are the most powerful.

We’ll uncover your hidden gems. We’ll embed a journalist in your organization. We use only seasoned journalists because they know what stories look like, they see them where you don’t (that’s why yours go untold) and can turn them into reality.

Storytelling and marketing are converging. Storytelling is the best way to connect with stakeholders, customers, employees and other key audiences.

By producing honest, transparent content people see who you really are.

You publish stories because you want people to know you, you want to be a thought leader, an employer of choice and you use content to generate leads for sales or relationships that pay dividends.

Martin Charlton Communications

What We Do For You

We have been telling the stories of people, organizations and business for more than 30 years – we know what makes a good story and how to tell them to engage your audiences. We tell your stories across all platforms and in all formats. LinkedIn articles, Facebook, Twitter, website posts, blogs, emails, electronic and paper newsletters, videos and audio podcasts.

We advise on how to get your stories in front of the right audiences at the right time.


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